Who is behind the recipe?


Behind the recipe of our products stands experienced biochemist Peter Szalay. "Influencing change creates the future" is the motto that he strives to apply also in human health. Rather than waiting for disease to force us to react to its symptoms, it's about making controlled changes in the internal (chemical) environment of the human body in advance, so as to improve prospects for the future or current health. And that's precisely why ioy products were created, to effectively contribute to your health.

Biochemistry, analysis of vitamins and trace elements, consultations in the field of metabolism and healthy lifestyle.

Ing. Peter Szalay is a recognized biochemist with extensive experience, with diagnostic technologies and a leading figure in clinical medicine laboratory. For many years, he has led applied research aimed at alleviating the symptoms of psoriasis. Currently, he is involved in research activities focused on autism, obesity, and metabolism assessment. He has long been devoted to comprehensive biochemical analysis, vitamin and mineral analyses, and consultations in the field of metabolism and healthy lifestyle.

Ing. Peter Szalay is the author of the Metabolic Tuning concept, a concept based on orthomolecular medicine and a proactive approach to health. It is based on the knowledge of L. Pauling (Nobel Prize winner), that maintaining good health requires providing the body with the right molecules in the right amounts, and also that low levels of vitamins and trace elements cause diseases at the cellular level to a much greater extent than is generally recognized.

Our vision is to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their health status, understanding, and ultimately its long-term solution.